Add edible elegance to your special occasion with a meticulously crafted and decadent work of art.

Whether you desire your cake to become a glamorous centrepiece for your event, or to add subtle sophistication (and of course, tonnes of flavour!), Cakes Amour will customise a tasty design to compliment your occasion.

Using only the highest quality ingredients such as Belgian couverture chocolate, real vanilla bean and free range eggs, ensures that the flavour lingers on in the memory of everyone who indulges in a piece (or two...) of your Cakes Amour cake.

All cakes are carefully crafted with finest quality Dark, Milk or White Belgian chocolate.

An optional choice of natural flavour infusions made from only organic whole ingredients include Lemon, Orange, Lavender and Mint.

Gluten free and lactose free cakes are also available.

A gallery of example cakes in varied sizes and styles with listed base prices is coming soon!

Teaching your budding bakers and mini chefs to create professional level decorated cupcakes.

Private class of 2 – 4 includes recipe, hands on cupcake mixing baking and decorating, and take home cupcakes!